Customer Care: 1844-wow-jazz
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm( EST)
Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm(EST)
E-mail us at:

Customer Care : 1844-wow-jazz

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm(EST)

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm(EST)

E-mail us at :

Terms of services

Welcome to Jazzplus ( along with its parent company ,partners,agents,employess and all affiliated entities ,Collectively the “company” or “we”). Company offers Pinless international Calling Cards which enable users in NewYork State in U.S to make international calls world wide.

By “You” we mean customer of our service.

By “Service” we means any service provided by Jazzplus.

The Agreement defines the terms and conditions between you and the company governing the use of our services.

Company may without notice ,change and modify the terms and conditions. The Terms and conditions are effective from the date published on website. Please review the terms on regular basis.

Our Services do not support any kind of emergency calls, such as calls to 911 and any other emergency numbers. All users are responsible for dialing the emergency number directly from your phone line not using our Services. Also our services do not include the ability to send messages via SMS, MMS or FAX.

1. Using the services

You may register only your own private number to use the services.Any public Numbers,offices,hotels,shops and hostels etc are not permissible.

2. Eligibility

You must be 13 years or above to use our services. Incase you are under 18 your guardian must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

3. Unauthorized use of phone

Incase your phone is lost of stolen please notify customer service immediately. You are responsible for all charges to your account until we suspend your service.

4. Customer Service

Incase of any questions or complaints please email our customer service team at or . Customer Support is available seven days a week. We may take upto 72 hours to reply.

5. Rate Changes

Per minute Rates Published on website are exclusive of applicable taxes and charges.Company reserves the right to change the rate for any destination and add additional charges from time to time without any prior notice. Company can offer time to time promotions and end them without providing advance notice.

6. Refunds

We don’t give any refunds on credit through calling cards and top-ups including the bonus credit. All purchases are final and not refundable.

7. Termination

Company may immediately suspend your services without any notice in case you violate terms and conditions, have any fraudalant call patterns ,abuse , excessive usage, promotions misuse , unlawful use
Additionally, you agree to pay us all charges for our services and costs that we incur to secure your payments including but not limited to attorney’s fee, court fee and collection related costs.

8. Warranties

We do not make warranties of any kind with regard to any service. you agree that because the service is provided on public phone and internet networks outside of company control, service is subject to outages ,disruption ,interceptions and issues. Company has no liability for any such issues.
Also JAZZ Plus is not responsible for the content of communication transmitted using our service.

9. Governing Law

The Agreement will be governed by the laws of state of New York U.S.

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